250 Halstead Ave. Harrison, NY 10528
(914) 835-0665
To help our students realize their maximum physical and mental potential by teaching well-balanced programs designed to develop coordination, self-discipline, self-defense, confidence and physical fitness in a non-threatening, positive environment.
Founded, owned and operated by Grandmaster Bruce Chung 
and Master Susan Chung since 1993.
Parents/guardians are required to take student’s temperature before leaving for class. If temperature is above 100 degrees, or if student is not feeling well, has a sore throat, runny nose, is sneezing or coughing, they should not attend class.  

Upon arrival, students are greeted at our front door by one of our instructors for a temperature check at which point parents/caregivers are required to depart. Our waiting room and restrooms are closed to parents/caregivers and siblings at this time. Restrooms are available for students only. After parent departs, student is escorted inside waiting room and assigned a personal cubby hole where they place shoes and jackets (socks are left on). Students are then brought into our main studio and placed on a floor decal spaced 6 feet apart. Students are required to wear a face mask. Students must wear socks, their uniform pants & belt and either their long sleeve uniform top or a Bruce Chung’s t-shirt. Please have your child dressed in uniform upon arrival. 

Once class ends, students are dismissed 3-4 at a time. Parents/caregivers should be waiting outside (socially distanced) at the front door area of our facility to pick up their child. Please be sure to park your car. Do not double park on Halstead Avenue as it creates a traffic safety concern. 

In accordance with New York State guidance, our studio’s HVAC system has been equipped with MERV-13 filters to filter out germs and viruses, we have installed plexi-glass sneeze guards at the front desk and social distance signage throughout the entire facility. Hand sanitizing stations are in the waiting room as well as all 3 studios. There is now a 15-minute window between classes to allow staff adequate time to complete sanitizing routines. Prior to each class, restrooms, floors, doorknobs, the front counter, cubby holes, and all equipment used during class is cleaned and sanitized. Our staff members have their temperatures taken each day upon arrival, wear face masks in all classes and wash hands between classes.