A new spin on steady state cardio!
Are you ready to rock steady? Then read on…

After a brisk warm up, we’ll get right into the “Rock Steady” segment of the workout.  Unlike traditional steady state workouts, ours will be done at a higher level of intensity.  We’ll get our heart rate up and keep it up!  And because we will keep our heart rate at a steady level through this segment, you’ll burn max calories, increase your endurance and melt fat. ollowing rock steady state, we’ll go right into an awesome tabata segment.  In this segment, we work on 4 different intense exercises, each of which includes kicking and is repeated 2 times.  Finally, we’ll move on to a total body weight segment and killer ab segment, both of which will make your body rock hard! Steady state cardio, tabata, weights, abs and awesome music make this a rockin’ workout!  I love it and I am so excited for you to try it!
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RapidFire 2: Results - $19.99
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A challenging workout for the serious at home exerciser.  Whether you are intermmediate or advanced, the kickboxing combinations, drills, metabolic weight segmant and ab routine will keep you engaged and coming back for more time and time again.

* Improve Cardio Endurance
* Build Lean Muscle
* Strengthen Your Core
* Learn Great Kickboxing Technique
RapidFire 1: Kick, Box & Core Burn - $19.99
Free shipping within the United States only.
Loaded with moves that will reshape your entire body and burn mega calories.  This workout is broken down into 3 main cardio sections:  Shadow Boxing, Aerobic Kickbosing & Heavy Bag.  

This workout will appeal to anyone who loves to sweat and who wants a challenging, exciting and fun workout.  The moves are straightforward but the work out is advanced and does include a modifier for lower impact moves.
RAPIDFIRE 4: SWEAT  - $19.99
Free shipping within the United States only.
After an intense warm-up, there are 3 rounds of exciting kickboxing, 3 rounds of exhilarating boxing, a core shaping abdominal segment and a replenishing stretch. The kickboxing rounds include original punching and kicking combos as well as a leg burner finisher that shapes the legs and completes the rounds.  The boxing rounds include real, "straight-from-the-ring" boxing combinations and footwork that were developed and are used by boxing trainers.  The combinations are broken down and adapted to music which makes them easy to learn and fun to do!  The rounds conclude with high energy cardio blasts!  The core section moves from lower abs to upper abs and then to obliques.  Strengthening all sections of the core will complete this workout and get the job done!  Finally the workout concludes with a stretch that uses specific movements targeting the muscles used in kicking and punching.
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