DROPPING OFF/PICKING UP CHILDREN - Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before class starts. If you drop off your child, please be sure he/she enters the dojahng (not the waiting room) before you leave. Students should be picked up immediately after class ends. If you are going to be late, please let us know in advance or call us at (914) 835-0665 as soon as you possibly can (leave a message on the voice mail if no one picks up).

PARKING - You may park in any of the spaces behind our building (except for the spaces along the fence) or in any spaces along Halstead Ave. (except in front of the post office). There is additional parking on Maple Ave. (coming from Rye pass our building, go up to the 1st light and make a right then another quick right onto Maple Ave.) on King St. (the street located directly on the side of the building), in the Municipal Lot off of Harrison Ave. or in the Municipal Lot on Halstead Ave. Never double park on Halstead Ave. when dropping your child off, police will issue tickets without warnings.

SHOES/JACKETS - Students should carry their outdoor shoes and jackets into Studio B as they go to line up for class. One of the Kyo Sah Nims will place outdoor shoes into the cubby holes and hang up jackets.

LABEL ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY - Please write your child’s name on all personal property including: uniform, belt, shoes, jackets, hats and any other property your child brings to the dojahng. We are not responsible for lost property. Since many of the children have items that are exactly alike, remind your child to make sure they’ve picked up their own belongings before leaving.

ATTIRE/DRESS CODE - Students are permitted to wear either the Grandmaster Bruce Chung’s Tae Kwon Do Official Uniform which includes v-neck top, pants, belt and patch or they may wear a Bruce Chung’s Tae Kwon Do imprinted t-shirt (any of our 3 styles) along with their uniform pants and belt. Please note, students must wear the full official uniform to promotion tests as t-shirts are not permitted on test days. Uniforms and t-shirts cannot be returned once worn. If students choose to wear the official uniform, they should wear a lightweight t-shirt underneath. Students should never wear an entire outfit of clothing under their uniform, as they will get overheated.

SOCKS/INDOOR SHOES - STUDENTS MUST WEAR NON SKID SOCKS OR INDOOR TAE KWON DO SHOES (shoes available here) IN THEIR CLASS. Students should change into their indoor shoes when they arrive for class. Outdoor sneakers may not be worn in the dojahng.

JEWELRY - Students should not wear watches or jewelry of any kind (especially earrings).

HYGIENE - Uniforms should be washed in warm soapy water (no bleach). Do not wash the belt. Students should keep finger and toe nails short and clean. Additionally, for those students who spar, please wipe your helmet with a damp cloth and clean your mouthguard after every class.

BATHROOM BREAKS - Students are permitted to use the bathroom at any time. Please let your instuctor know if you need to use the bathroom.

ADDRESSING INSTRUCTORS - Please refer to Grandmaster Bruce Chung as either Kwan Jahng Nim or Grandmaster Chung, Master Susan Chung as Sah Bum Nim or Master Chung, any Black Belt Instructor 5th degree or higher as Sah Bum Nim and all other Black Belt instructors as Kyo Sah Nim.  

BOWING - Students should always remember to bow to those of higher rank, each other, the Kyo Sah Nims, Grandmaster Chung and Master Chung as a sign of respect. Students should bow upon entering/exiting the dojahng.

MEMBERSHIPS - Students may enroll for 12, 24, or 36 weeks. Payment in full is required at time of enrollment. Pre-school memberships are done by the “session” but most memberships are based on a “rolling admission” meaning that everyone’s start and end date is different.  Membership reminder notices are routinely mailed home prior to student’s expiration date. Membership tuition should be paid on time or before the expiration date. There will be a penalty imposed if the membership is renewed late. Even if you do not receive a reminder notice, you are still responsible to pay for the membership on time.

REFUNDS - Memberships are refundable only up to the first two weeks of the member’s very first session and are not transferable. Refunds will be issued up to the second week of classes for brand new white belts only. The refund will be for the tuition portion of unused classes only. Registration and uniform fees will not be refunded. Refunds will not be issued to any student higher than white belt.

MAKE UP CLASSES - Children will be permitted to make-up any classes due to illness or injury as long as they are completed within the child’s current session. If your child is sick or injured for more than 2 consecutive weeks, you will be permitted to freeze the membership. There are no refunds, deductions or extensions permitted for routine absenteeism (i.e. sick day without doctors note,other sports activities, scheduling conflicts, etc.). 

PROMOTION TESTS - We hold a formal promotion test every three months. Based on a number of different factors, students may or may not be eligible to test. In order to test, you must a) know all criteria b) have trained consistently with little or no absences c) met the minimum time requirement for that belt and d) be a member in good standing. Test times are posted in the waiting room and on our website. If your membership has lapsed you will not be eligible to test.

INCLEMENT WEATHER - Please call and listen to the recorded message or check our website to make sure we’re open before you come if the weather is questionable.

CALENDAR/STUDIO CLOSINGS - Our studio calendar is on the back of our welcome letter and available on-line. The calendar shows all closings, vacations and promotion tests for the school year. If you need one, please ask at the front desk.

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